Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together

Pet & Informal Portrait

Pricing for Blynda's pet portraits and informal snapshot-style portraits are:

Pets   Starting at $200 for 12"x12"
Informal Snapshots   Starting at $500 for 12"x12"

Examples of these portraits can be found on the "pets" and "informal" pages. Additional subjects follow a standard pricing policy wherein each additional pet or person on a canvas will be 50% of the base price. One pet is $200. Two pets are $300. One figure in an informal portrait is $500. Two figures are $750.

The portrait fee is payable in three equal installments. The first payment, a non-refundable down payment, is due upon signing the artistic agreement. The second payment is due upon approval of the color study. The final payment is due upon delivery of the finished portrait.

Formal Portrait Procedure

Blynda prefers to travel to the client's location for a two-hour photography session. During this sitting, photographs are taken of the subject in natural light. In cases where existing photographs must be used, as in posthumous portraits, a meeting is necessary to gather as much information as possible about the subject. Approximately a week after the photography session, the client and the artist will select the photographs to be used as references for the portrait. The portrait can be a compilation of several photographs.

A completed color study will be delivered for the client’s approval. This sketch is an oil miniature (9x12) of the completed portrait, which allows the client to review and approve the composition of the painting. It is also an opportunity for further collaboration and input. Only after the client has approved and returned the color study will the final portrait be completed and delivered. The client may elect to purchase this study along with the finished portrait for an additional 10% of the portrait price.

Price List

Head and Shoulders   $3,000
Three-Quarter Figure   $4,000
Full-length Figure   $5,000

The portraits to the right show examples of these three options. Prices quoted are for color portraits of one figure. As with Pet and informal portraits, each additional figure on a canvas will be 50% of the base price. For instance, two full-length figures will cost $7,500. That is $5,000 for the first figure and $2,500 for the second.

All travel, lodging, framing and shipping expenses are in addition to these prices. Travel and lodging expenses are due as incurred. Framing and shipping charges are due when the finished portrait is delivered.